Danny Spencer

  Director of Photography

DOP Credits

NHS Sing Along                                            ITV                                           Talkback Thames
Salvage Hunters - The Restorers S2            Discovery                                Curve Media

X Factor Numerous seasons                        ITV                                           Talkback Thames

Building Paradise                                          Discovery                                Shine North
Making of Les Miserables                            Universal Films                        Universal Films
Take Me Out                                                  ITV                                           Talkback Thames
Horses                                                            Ayn Al Shaheen                      AL Rayyan TV
Water World                                                  Ayn Al Shaheen                      AL Rayyan TV
BBC Poetry Season                                       BBC                                         BBC
Visit South Africa                                           Campaign                               Discovery
Nepal’s Forestry Program                             Campaign                               Handcrafted Films
Euro Camp Europe                                       Campaign                               Scorch Media
Merchant Fox                                                Campaign                                Jester Films
Herbert Smith                                                Campaign                               St John ~Bowman

Broadcast Camera credits
David Attenborough’s Batchelor King & Galapagos 3d Making of Films, Gold Rush Season 7-10 Yukon & USA, Why Everyone Hates The English, Coastal Railways with Julie Walters, Guitar Star series 1 & 2, Murder in Sucessville, Keith Lemon Sketch Show, Great British Menu, Cockroaches, Wild Things, Worlds Most Dangerous Roads, Britain’s Got Talent, TOWIE series 10-16, Party House, Red or Black, Steps 10 Years On, Derren Brown, Food make in the UK, Winging it, Come Dine With Me, Paranormal Investigators, Your Money or Your Wife, Wheeler Dealers.

Corporate DOP and Camera credits
TFL, Gala Bingo, numerous Reuters, HSBC, Sky, Highways agency, John Lewis, BT, Goldman Sachs,

Amnesty Int, NHS, Action Aid, Pepe Jeans, Merchant Fox, Adidas, Jansen Cilag, MBDA, AGIS, Proudfoot, Barratt Homes, Aviva, AVC Productions, Herbert Smith. British Airways, Virgin Airways, Muller, Emirates, Air Malta.

3D Credits
David Attenborough’s Galapagos 3D & Batchelor King, Pirates of the Caribbean on stranger tides, Roland Garos, The Queen in 3D, Panasonic South African Commercial.
2008-12 'Industry facilitator' for BBC 21CC. Teacher of Camera, Lighting and Editing